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Home Villa Elevator

Hydraulic Passenger & Goods

Advantages & Features

Comfort & Advantages The only Lift in the market with an MRL solution (Machine Room Less) with NGV electronic valve and with bio degrable eco fluid.
Available with adjustable speeds. Max. speed up to 0.5 - m/s (optional).
Accessibility It eliminates architectural restrictions.
Safe And Reliable It is equipped with simple and efficient rescue system, based on the force of gravity.
In the event of an earthquake, lift is safer & less vulnerable as there is no counterweight, and engine is in the cabinet casing.
Fee fall of lift is not possible, due to advance clutch safety mechanism.
Available Motors and Voltage Single - phase and three - phase.
Self -Supporting structure(optional) Easy to install.
Shaft Up to 69% of the space can be used.
High Energy Efficiency Low energy consumption.
The used energy is like that of 230V standard household appliance.
Flexibility It can be 100% customized.
Adaptable to each customers requirement:
Wide range of doors available , power -operated, hinged semi -automatic, manual landing doors with the same finishes as the apartment door, etc.
Wide range of aesthetic finishes.

Home Lift Features

Suspension 2:1
Payload 250Kg to 5000Kg
Max. No of stops 5
Max. Travel 14m
Max. Speed range 0.15m/s-0.5m/s
Min. Pit 250mm
Min. Headroom 2500mm (without car door); 2700mm (with car door)
Energy Efficiency The used energy is like that of the most common household appliances