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Panoramic Elevators

Grace your buildings with the elegant Panoramic Elevators, enjoy outside landscape, widen the passenger's field of vision. Beacon Capsule Elevators give the building character and vitality. No matter whether outside or inside panoramic elevators can become a focus of attention giving passengers a chance to enjoy architectural styles or the surrounding landscape. These are angled, semicircular, cut based depending on building requirements
Unique Capsule Designs For Elite & Stylish Looks
Beauty to look at and Customized to
Gorgeous Display & Elegant Feel
New technologies are continuously developed to provide better operation enjoyment for the user and make the user feel sense of integration from sense touch.
Well Designed, Comfortable and Safe
Continuous result of Research and Development, the Panoramic Elevators are a sight to watch yet completely safe. New Techniques and technologies are deployed making vertical travelling, an altogether different experience.