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Passenger Elevators

Standard Functions

Mirror Full Height Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Panel On Rear Wall
Key Switch Key switch for auto attendant or on/off mode as a standard function on elevator incorporated in the car operating panel
Handrail Stainless Steel Handrail as a standard in rear wall
Closed Loop Control Closed Loop Control system with direct landing technology for smoothest ride and perfect leveling accuracy
Drive Frequency controlled PMS Gearless Machine
Door Operator VVVF Door Operating system with close loop control
Door Panel Door Panels provided as per E120 elevator standard to sustain fire up to 120 mins as per EN 51 standard (feature not available for framed glass doors)
Door Protection Full length infrared light curtain provided for safety of passengers & objects
Human Interface device Stylish car and hall operating panel with key for Auto / Attendant or On / Off key, light & fan function
Controller Microprocessor based smart integrated control system with direct landing system
Operation Full Collective Selective
Direction Indicators Car & hall operating panel would be equipped with direction and floor indicators for easy facilitation of passengers
Access Control (Optional Feature) Access Control would be available optional with two systems biometric access control / RFID card access control
Duplex / Triplex / Group Control (Optional Feature) In case of two or more elevators, option of group control can be availed. It avoids repeated elevator parking, reduces passenger waiting time & enhances travel efficiency
Overspeed Protection Device When elevator's speed is more than calibrated speed, the device wi automatically stop the motor and activate the car safety to stop the ca from moving down and activate the unintended car movement device to stop the car from moving
Automatic Rescue Device Automatic Rescue Device will be provided in the elevator, which brings the elevator to the nearest landing incase of power failure
Car Illumination LED lighting inside the car for Illumination
Power Supply AC 415 Volts, 3 Phase & 220 Volts, 1 Phase, 50 Hz AC