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Automobile Elevators

Automobile Elevators
Special Display System
Special circuit control and display system is convenient for the drivers inside/ outside the car.
Safety Guide Device
Safety guide device sets in the car ground to ensure fine security of both the car and the elevator
Dual Operation Button Box (standard)
There are two operation box buttons in the car, therefore the driver can operate the elevator in the car without stepping out of it.
Front /Rear Door Opening Are Available
The elevator can have sets front/ rear door opening which more convenient for Buildings with Driveways.
3 D Light Curtain
Safety equipment with infrared sensors, which stops door closure by detecting the car presence upto 0.5m.

Parking Solutions for smart cities
  • Simple operation and easy to use by anyone
  • Dual safety measures to ensure execllent safety performance
  • This parking system is very suitable for large underground parking lots
The system is easy to maintain and highly durable
Protection Against Corrosion
The equipment which we cater are powder coated . (Hot dip galvanized option is also available on request)
Hydraulic Power Pack
  • A wind and weather -poorf of high performance hydraulic power pack is provided.
  • It is a capable of lifting & lowering the system in 75 sec. & 45 sec. respectively.
  • For protection from rain and for the reduction of airborne sound transmission, a noise insulation covering is offer for the
        power pack.
  • Each power pack can manage a maximum of five systems or other arrangement single system can be operated on its own
        individual power pack.
Platform length 4170 mm Platform width upto 2200 mm Lifting capacity 2700 kg
  • System is equipped with mechanical locking device
  • Provision of limit switch to stop the platform at optimum height Photoelectric sensor to detect vehicle parked below
        the platform Equipped with hydraulic burst/ safety valve